Esther D. Chan
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I am a PhD candidate in the Sociology Department at Yale University. Prior to pursuing my doctorate at Yale, I worked at the Religion and Public Life Program at Rice University. I received my bachelor’s degree at UC San Diego where I graduated summa cum laude and as a Provost Scholar.

My dissertation examines how numerical representation, organizational structure and culture, and cultural narratives intersect to produce varying experiences of inclusion and perspectives of diversity among different groups on a secular public university and an evangelical private university. An article from this research is conditionally accepted at Ethnic and Racial Studies.



My research advances the sociology of race and ethnicity and the sociology of religion by interrogating intersections of race and religion in different institutions, such as higher education and in areas of science and medicine. I have published eight peer-reviewed articles on these topics and have another conditionally accepted at Ethnic and Racial Studies.

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My teaching philosophy is informed by the 3 C’s:

Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Compassion.

All three are needed together. If you are only a great critical thinker, you will lack the creativity and compassion to tackle the world’s problems. If you only have creativity, you will lack critical thinking to make assessments and compassion to bring your creativity to bear on lives. If you only have compassion, you will fail to think creatively and critically about how to care for others.

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